Greg Fleischaker and his kidsWelcome to the ThoughtfulCooking website, my name is Greg Fleischaker, maybe you’ve seen me on TV recently?  No?  Didn’t think so.  I’m not famous, I’ve never been to culinary school and I don’t have a team of extras to run around prepping food for me, or even to do my grocery shopping.  But I do like to watch some of those cooking shows on tv, and you might even catch me reading a cookbook every now and then as entertainment.

I’m just a regular real estate agent from the mid-west who likes to cook.  I’m married with two children, and in my house, I am the one largely responsible for stocking the fridge and getting food on the table every night.  And if, as I sit down with my wife and children, I can provide a fairly nutritious meal and avoid most of the dietary pitfalls so common in our society, then that is just the icing on the cake, so to speak!

Which is what has lead me to read so much about what ails our society, the fact that many of us are literally filling our mouths day in and day out with food-like products that are making us sick.  This compelled me to be a bit more thoughtful about my cooking.  Was I doing the very best I could for my family?  Was I helping them be the healthiest and happiest people they could be?  Or was I contributing to their eventual poor health by not taking the time to research our grocery list and cooking whatever popped into my head an hour before I wanted to eat?

And that brings me to ThoughtfulCooking.com.  I built this site, as part of a challenge from my wife and kids, to serve two purposes.  First, my children wanted a digital collection of the meals they grew up with, to help them as they eventually transition into college and life beyond.

And second, I wanted a space for myself to experiment and discover my evolving food philosophies.  Am I willing to give up gluten, and do I know why I would even try?  What about sugar, or carbs, or fats or whatever the newest potential evil ingredient is that I “must” avoid in order to be a healthy functional adult in today’s society?

On this website, I will post a few of my favorite recipes, including pictures and instructions, and occasionally even a video. Each recipe includes an attempt at being a more conscious eater, aware of what I am buying and why, and thinking about what I am feeding my wife and children.  My goal here is to pretty well document a somewhat fail-proof recipe while using what I think are the best ingredients to fulfill the purpose of that particular recipe.

Sometimes that may mean finding a way to introduce as many vegetables and healthy fats into a meal as possible, in order to provide my body the essential building blocks for a well functioning and disease free body.  And other times, it might very well be a special treat, some sweet sugar and flour concoction that may not be especially healthy, but might just hit the spot after an especially stressful week or nice reward for a job well done.

It would be nice to think that after a full day working that we all had time to put together one of those awesome looking gourmet recipes from a fancy cookbook, but alas, it is not to be. At least for me. With sports, musical lessons, chess games, dance classes, homework, etc… I am lucky to get everyone to the table at the same time for dinner, much less prepare a five course dinner made with 10 pans and 20 ingredients!

That’s why I search for, and save, those recipes and techniques that just flat work, that allow me to cook something that my family appreciates, is flavorful and actually has some nutritional benefits still attached.  These may not be gourmet dishes, but they are good, solid meals that I am proud to serve my friends and family.

I have chosen to eat well in order to live well, and practice what I call Thoughtful Cooking.


  1. Absolutely terrific, Greg. You had me at “This site has no affiliate links or ads.”

    Seriously, though, I strongly believe in doing the right things for the right reasons. And this site is exactly that.

    Love what you have going on here. What can I do to help?

    Good things,

  2. My kind of site. We have a lot in common re cooking. I am making my first Einkorn bread today. Looking forward to pasta and other recipes for the “evil foods” you have on your site. Here’s to good eating!

    Mike G
    Vero Beach, Fl.

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