Einkorn Flour Banana Bread

I know bread is supposed to be “bad” for us, that it’s either partially or fully responsible for most of today’s dietary ills, depending upon which article or book you are reading.  But I don’t buy it.  I’m still of the opinion that bread itself is not the culprit, but rather modern bread made with […]

Light And Fluffy Dinner Rolls

Well, this won’t happen often at my house, but here’s a recipe for an all white flour dinner roll.  Having said that, they are killer dinner rolls!  Especially right out of the oven.  With butter. My niece recently got married, and lots of family was in town for the wedding a few weekends ago.  One […]

Cast Iron Skillet Pizza

Some nights just scream for pizza.  Even when you’re trying to eat “right” and avoid processed food, sometimes it’s just pizza time! One afternoon last week, this wasn’t a last minute decision, I started working on my own cast iron skillet pizza, to see if it would pass muster with the the family.  Of course […]

Einkorn Flour Blueberry Muffins

Some months ago, maybe even longer, I published a recipe for gluten free blueberry muffins that used both coconut flour and almond flour. They were for a niece of mine who was following a gluten-free lifestyle, and I think she was very appreciative.  I guess they must have been pretty decent, because they didn’t last […]

Einkorn Wheat Flour Tortillas

As of last week, I had never made homemade tortillas.  Not that I’m against eating them, I just haven’t ever gotten around to making my own.  Then again, on some levels, I probably do have a problem with tortillas in general. Some of the store bought tortillas that I’ve looked at contain a few ingredients […]

Leaf Lard Biscuits With Einkorn

Well, this is a bit awkward.  I’ve been talking, and blogging, to anyone who would listen that I am trying to reduce my exposure to wheat.  And now here I am with two blog posts in a row about using Einkorn wheat flour to make something delish. You’ll just have to trust me that I […]

Almond Flour Crackers With Flaxseed Meal

My 30 day wheat-less challenge continues, and I find myself missing crackers and cookies more than just about anything else.  I don’t miss a loaf of bread as much as I thought I might, and I’m very happy with eggs and bacon for breakfast instead of pancakes and waffles, which always made me feel overly […]