Oven Baked Creamed Spinach

As a child, the idea of willingly eating spinach, in any variation, was absurd.  I ate spinach only when my parents made me, or when dessert was promised as a reward.  But now, as an adult, I find that I am keeping tabs on restaurants that serve creamed spinach, and I’ve even gotten to the […]

Oven Roasted Beets

Part of the exercise of creating my own food blog has been to push myself a bit, both when it comes to learning how to become a better cook, as well as simply trying new foods that are not yet a staple part of my dietary habits.  As I have grown older and become more […]

Indian Coconut Soup Recipe

Last week, I had the unexpected opportunity to experience a few firsts.  For starters, my wife and I went to a local Indian restaurant, and were happily impressed and will definitely be back.  Second, for the first time since I have known my wife, I got to witness her eating spicy food that was actually […]

Coconut Oil Fried Chicken

I’ve always loved good fried chicken, sometimes I’m even pretty happy with bad fried chicken.  But up until 6 or 8 months ago, I would have laughed at anyone suggesting that I make coconut oil fried chicken.  But look at me now.  Canola oil is gone.  So is my old vegetable oil, and Crisco certainly […]

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Ok, I’ll admit it, scouring the internet and cook books looking for a roasted butternut squash soup Vitamix recipe had never really crossed my mind, and would not have seemed to be a fun way to spend a few minutes on an otherwise quiet Saturday afternoon.  But after receiving a most generous gift from family […]

Einkorn Flour Biscuits Recipe

I think I’ve said it before, on a different post, that the ladies in my house are huge fans of biscuits.  I mean it, serious biscuit eaters. Actually, any kind of breads will do, even a sprouted whole grain loaf! And they haven’t been overly excited by my recent insistence on reducing the family’s consumption […]

Pan Roasted Potatoes

Pan roasted potatoes don’t get much easier… get your favorite taters plus a little bit of oil and butter, salt and pepper, and that’s about it. You can certainly dress it up a bit more if you like, but straight up potatoes is certainly a go-to recipe for our busy house at least once a […]