The Thoughtful Cooking Podcast

welcome to the archive page for the Thoughtful Cooking Podcast. We recognize that there are not very many entries on this page yet, but give us some time, and make sure to check back every now and then, and we will be sure to have interviews with food artists as well as discussions about health and nutrition, and how to fit those concerns into a normal life in today's fast paced and pre-packaged society!

Suburban Beekeeping With Peter Hawkins

In this episode of The Thoughtful Cooking Podcast, I stopped by my brother-in-law’s home to learn about suburban beekeeping, look inside of an active bee hive, and maybe have a sip or two of his homemade mead.  Peter learned about bees at an early age, when a high school teacher introduced him to the subject, […]

My Quick Beer Education With Michael Agnew

In this episode of The Thoughtful Cooking Podcast, I had the opportunity to interview Minnesota’s first Certified Cicerone (a formal name for a beer master) Michael Agnew.  Obviously, Michael knows way more about beer than I do, so I was sure to use this time wisely to boost my beer education as quickly as possible, […]

Discussing Pastured Pork With Kit Garrett From Blue Dog Bakery

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome, everyone. I’m Greg Fleischaker with the Thoughtful Cooking Podcast. Today, I’m sitting down with Kit Garrett from Blue Dog Bakery here in Louisville to discuss, of all things, pastured pork. Now Blue Dog Bakery I believe was established in 1998 and quickly became entrenched as Louisville’s go-to source for topnotch artisan breads and […]

Thoughtful Cooking Podcast – An Introductory Episode

TRANSCRIPT: Welcome to the Thoughtful Cooking podcast with Greg Fleischaker, the show that explores the difficulty of caring about the foods you eat, finding nutritious and morally responsible raised ingredients, and trying to live a life full of health and vitality in a society that often prizes neither. Welcome everyone. My name is Greg Fleischaker […]