Homemade Beef Stew

As the weather starts to turn a bit cooler in my neck of the woods, I find that my son starts to remind me on a more regular basis that it’s time for some homemade beef stew to make an appearance on our dinner table.  I have no doubt that he would eat stew or […]

Matzo Ball Recipe – From My Grandmother

I have many fond memories of my grandmother… but her cooking is not one of them.  I don’t want to come across as rude, or snooty, but she and I don’t often see eye to eye on culinary issues.  There may be a few other issues that we disagree on, but since this is a […]

Leftover Turkey Curry Recipe

If you read my previous post about cooking up two roasted turkeys for Thanksgiving to feed 25 people, you might not be surprised to hear that it’s possible that a few leftovers found their way into my fridge.  Which, of course, was the plan. I also made a rather large batch of turkey broth the […]

Lemon Artichoke Soup

One of the benefits of having a Vitamix is that there is a small universe of recipes that can simply be thrown in to the blender, hit the switch and you’re good to go.  This recipe is one of those. On top of searching for easy Vitamix recipes, I’ve also been looking for soup recipes […]

Indian Coconut Soup Recipe

Last week, I had the unexpected opportunity to experience a few firsts.  For starters, my wife and I went to a local Indian restaurant, and were happily impressed and will definitely be back.  Second, for the first time since I have known my wife, I got to witness her eating spicy food that was actually […]

Roasted Butternut Squash Soup

Ok, I’ll admit it, scouring the internet and cook books looking for a roasted butternut squash soup Vitamix recipe had never really crossed my mind, and would not have seemed to be a fun way to spend a few minutes on an otherwise quiet Saturday afternoon.  But after receiving a most generous gift from family […]