Fresh Peach Salsa

fresh peach salsa with pork tenderloin

It’s summer time here, and that means peaches.  Lots of peaches.  Especially when I get my butt out of the house and actually go pick some myself, I always manage to pick way too many!

And when I invariably pick too many, I need to find something to do with all of those peaches.  And I’m certainly not going to eat them all one by one, so that means incorporating them in to some recipes, either as dessert, or maybe even something to garnish that pork chop I’m having for dinner tonight.

Something like a fresh peach salsa.  Bonus points for using my Vitamix!

prepping ingredients for fresh peach salsa

Remember one of my earlier blog posts, where I discussed the Environmental Working Group’s list of the most pesticide ridden conventionally grown crops?  Well, guess what fruit is on that list?  Yep, peaches, the fifth worst offender, according to EWG.  Obviously, my choice when picking out peaches for this recipe would be organic, to avoid the pesticide residue and the resulting health concerns.

Hot peppers and green onions are also both on the Dirty List, at 13 and 30 respectively, so it may be worthwhile to buy organic when possible.  However, after reading Eating On The Wild Side and learning about the health benefits of eating onions (and garlic too!), especially green onions, I may be willing to buy them conventionally when necessary, just to ensure I add them to my diet.  And just to be thorough, here’s another article on the benefits of eating onions and garlic everyday!

making fresh peach salsa in a Vitamix

And let’s not forget about cilantro, it’s an important player as well in this fresh peach salsa recipe!  I’ve seen recipes that called for other herbs, such as mint or basil, but after learning that cilantro has more antioxidant properties than spinach, I figured it really couldn’t hurt to include it.

There really isn’t too much to over-think in this recipe.  We’ve taken a few whole food items, some with medicinal benefits, and made a wonderful companion to most any dinner.  And if you are ever find yourself with plenty of tomatoes, but no peaches, you can simply swap the two, and still whip out a wonderful, healthy and easy salsa!

If not using a food processor, simply chop all ingredients into small diced pieces and mix in a bowl, juice lime and mix in with other ingredients.

second batch of peaches for fresh salsa

Fresh Peach Salsa In My Vitamix
Prep time
Total time
Serves: bowl full
  • 4 medium peaches
  • 2-3 shoots of green onion
  • 3-4 garlic cloves
  • 1 hot pepper, such as a jalapeno or serrano
  • ½ lime
  • 1 bunch cilantro
  • 1 teaspoon sea salt
  1. If using a Vitamix or food processor, rough chop and prepare all of your ingredients
  2. Place half of the chopped peaches, lime juice, green onions, garlic, hot pepper and cilantro into your Vitamix
  3. Using the pulse button, chop the ingredients until you reach the desired consistency, you may want to use a spatula and scrape the sides down once or twice
  4. Add the remaining peaches in, and still using the pulse button, combine all ingredients
  5. Serve with your favorite protein for dinner, or eat all by itself!
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 3 tablespoons Calories: 28 Fat: 0.2 Carbohydrates: 6.8 Sugar: 5.3 Fiber: 1.2 Protein: 0.8

It seems that each time I make this recipe, I forget to measure how much salsa this recipe actually produces.  Which makes it difficult to produce an accurate nutrition label.  Something else I don’t measure very carefully… the amount I plop on my plate!  So I took a wild guess, and estimated that a normal serving size would be about three tablespoons, and that overall, the whole recipe would make about 10 servings.  But as you can see, the nutrition values are so small, that I don’t think it really matters too much even if I am off by a substantial amount.

fresh peach salsa nutrition label

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