Homemade Pasta Recipe

Fresh Paste RecipeMaking fresh pasta at home isn’t quite as fearsome as some people would make it out to be, but it’s not the easiest or quickest either. Well, it’s pretty easy, it just takes some time, and a willingness to make a bit of a mess. Or as happens in my house on occasion, it helps to have a daughter who really gets in the mood for some homemade pasta every now and then, and is willing to work to make it happen!

Most of the other recipes that I write about have some down time, so that you can get one main course going for dinner, and then come back and fix a few other items, and still be working on the main dish. Sadly, fresh homemade pasta recipe doesn’t really fit into that mold. I haven’t found a good way to work on pasta, let it sit and get some other dishes all lined up, without taking longer in the kitchen than I normally have on any given work day.

Which is why I save making pasta for the weekend, or an off day, when I can make the noodles earlier in the day, and not have to worry about trying to rush through and throw my timing off for the rest of dinner.

Seeing as I am not a super picky guy, and don’t always have top shelf ingredients on hand, I normally go with all purpose flour when making fresh noodles at home, instead of the special order flour or semolina that you will see in many other recipes. The all purpose flour seems to work pretty well, I always have it around, and the resulting pasta is always better than anything you can find in a box, so it’s a win-win, and that’s good enough for me.

Also, since I like “good enough” and I’m not a perfectionist, I use a Cuisinart to mix my ingredients and don’t really go for the authentic flour mound on the counter. I like the convenience of an on/off switch and the clean up that a dishwasher provides. Again, it works for me, so I’m sticking with it.

Fresh Pasta Ingredients

2 cups all purpose flour
3 large eggs
pinch of salt


  1. Place all ingredients in the bowl of your mixer
  2. Mix until combined into a shaggy ball
  3. Roll dough onto floured counter and gently knead in a bit of flour until dough becomes smooth
  4. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit on counter at least 30 minutes up to a few hours
  5. Divide fresh pasta dough into four pieces and lightly flour as needed to prevent stickiness
  6. Working with one piece at a time, pass dough through pasta roller at widest setting
  7. Fold pasta dough into thirds and pass through roller again
  8. Repeat folding and rolling three or four times until dough is nice and smooth
  9. Run each noodle through the roller on the next widest setting
  10. Continue reducing roller settings and passing noodles through until pasta is at desired thickness
  11. The pasta noodles will get very long and you may want/need to cut in half to make more manageable
  12. Once pasta sheets are to desired thickness, pass through cutting blades of pasta roller
  13. When ready to cook the fresh pasta noodles, place into boiling water, and cook for only 90 seconds, drain, and serve
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